White Truffle: the Festive menu

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It’s the end of the year and, sadly, nearly the end of the season for White Winter Truffles. We are still able to offer you these delicacies for another few weeks, so why not making the most of it introducing a special dish to your festive menus?

We love our guests’ wide open eyes when we bring the precious gem to the table and slice it right in front of them. It’s a celebration of senses, of the here and now – it’s bringing conviviality to another level, a way to make your guests feeling special.

White Truffle: the Festive menu

We picked our favourite recipes from the best restaurants around and put together THE white truffle menu – we thought this could give you good inspiration on how to amuse your invitees. Of course with so much choice around the possibilities were endless, but somebody had to do the hard job of browsing each and every great restaurant’s menu!

Here’re our choices – get inspired.

The Festive Menu

Starter by the Orrery, London

Poached Lobster, Champagne velouté, white truffle

Main Course by Culina Restaurant, Beverly Hills

Agnolotti with braised rabbit, white truffle and leeks

Dessert by Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon

Araguani chocolate moelleux. White truffle, caramelized pears, Tonka bean ice cream

agnolottiPoached Lobster, Champagne velouté, white truffle

A very special Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year from us all!

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