Top 3 Truffle Recipes for Valentine’s Day

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Love is all over the place. Red hearts, long stem roses, dedicated menus – wait – dedicated menus? Why squeezing yourselves in a room with fifty strangers cuddling up, when you can prepare the perfect intimate dinner exactly how you want it? Your music, your menu, your décor, your space.

Truffles elevate the simplest dish, so no need to complicate life – here’s our selection of recipes featuring the king of the season: Black Winter Truffle.



The perfect sharing, no-fuss, indulging, sensual dish? This amazing cheese fondue with Black Truffle.


  • Add some Taleggio for an extra layer of flavour.
  • Fontina cheese not readily available? Try a tested blend of Gruyere, Emmental and Mild Cheddar instead.
  • Elizabeth Minchilli brings truffle fondue to another level – simply pouring it over freshly made gnocchi.


Do you need a hyper-easy but effective dish, which pairs two of the most luscious food in a heavenly bite? These Black Truffle scallops from Omnivore’s Cookbook are as simple as they are pretty!


For the poshest crostino, top a slice of crusty bread with some foie gras and liberally add slivers of Black Truffles, as Eric Ripert suggests.

Thinking of going full-on meaty? Swap bread for beef fillet to make a classic and highly satisfying Tournedos Rossini topped with Black Truffles, from Foodista.

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