Seasonal Greens and Summer Truffles – Top summer recipes

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Seasonal, greens and good for you are three of the leading culinary trends. Fabulously flavoursome it’s not even a trend – it’s just the reason why we love eating. We have joined them together in this little compendium of springy earthiness.




With the last crop of British asparagus being harvested in these days it would be a sin not to take advantage of the last sprouts of the season.

An easy take on a classical is steamed asparagus with poached eggs and truffle shavings – keep it simple or follow Mark Jordan’s fancy Asparagus spears with truffle, poached free-range duck egg, hollandaise sauce and Parmesan crisps recipe.

You can go vegan with this Grilled asparagus with sorrel and shaved black truffles, from Karen Martini.

If you got caught in a summer storm and need something more comforting, try a simple asparagus velouté, laced with single cream (just a little drop, you don’t want to cover the asparagus flavour) and topped with grated black truffle. Here a good (and utterly beautiful) version from Zen Can Cook.



Summer truffles are a great match for peas, broad beans, fava beans etc. Sure, one could use the frozen version, but if you ever tasted the buttery, earthy sweetness of peas-out-of-the-pod, you know the difference.

Arne & Claudia, from Food with a View, mix fresh fava beans with a fresh truffle pesto, which will come in handy in many more recipes.

They also make the best early summer picnic treat with this Frittata with wrinkled peas and summer truffle’s butter de luxe, which is the most civilised take on the Neapolitan classic beach food “Frittata di maccheroni” that we have ever seen.

Just remember that you can always prepare a risotto with fresh peas (half whole, half pureed) and summer truffle – and add your favourite choice between lobster meat, scallops or seared cubes of foie gras marinated in Cognac.

Oh, well, are you salivating enough? You can get your fresh Summer Truffles here!



Top 3 Truffle Recipes for Valentine’s Day

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Love is all over the place. Red hearts, long stem roses, dedicated menus – wait – dedicated menus? Why squeezing yourselves in a room with fifty strangers cuddling up, when you can prepare the perfect intimate dinner exactly how you want it? Your music, your menu, your décor, your space.

Truffles elevate the simplest dish, so no need to complicate life – here’s our selection of recipes featuring the king of the season: Black Winter Truffle.



The perfect sharing, no-fuss, indulging, sensual dish? This amazing cheese fondue with Black Truffle.


  • Add some Taleggio for an extra layer of flavour.
  • Fontina cheese not readily available? Try a tested blend of Gruyere, Emmental and Mild Cheddar instead.
  • Elizabeth Minchilli brings truffle fondue to another level – simply pouring it over freshly made gnocchi.


Do you need a hyper-easy but effective dish, which pairs two of the most luscious food in a heavenly bite? These Black Truffle scallops from Omnivore’s Cookbook are as simple as they are pretty!


For the poshest crostino, top a slice of crusty bread with some foie gras and liberally add slivers of Black Truffles, as Eric Ripert suggests.

Thinking of going full-on meaty? Swap bread for beef fillet to make a classic and highly satisfying Tournedos Rossini topped with Black Truffles, from Foodista.

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