Fresh White Spring Truffles (Tuber Albidum/Borchii), 8-20g

Seasonality: January/April
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Fresh White Spring Truffles (Tuber Borchii/Tuber Albidum Pico)


Our aromatic fresh Italian White Spring Truffles are hunted daily In Umbrian and neighbouring regions woods from 15th January – 15th April to ensure optimum ripeness. We ship them directly from Italy to you the same day as they are un-earthed to guarantee their quality and freshness.


Expect these wild White Spring Truffles to have a mild garlicky aroma reminiscent of the more expensive ‘White Truffle’ but with a sharp earthy flavour. As soon as you open their travel box, these small spring truffles fresh aroma will have you planning light creamy dishes.


We love serving fresh White Spring Truffles shavings on top of creamy new season pea risotto for a mid-week treat.


Our truffles will arrive already clean, they are carefully brushed by our truffle hunters following our guidelines before they are brought to us for market.  They will last for up to 7 days stored in a fridge following our very simple guidelines.


Before serving your White Spring Truffles, simply wipe their smooth light to reddish brown skin with a damp cloth and leave for 10 minutes on a dry cotton cloth. Expect your paper thin shavings to be dark brown in hue interlaced with white capillaries.


Less is more when using White Spring Truffles, allow just 7 grams per person

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