Dried Mushroom Medley 40g
Dried Mushroom Medley 40g

Dried wild mushroom medley 40g   Ingredients 50% Porcini (Boletus Edulis), 25% Shii Take (Lentinus Edodes), 25% Oyster mushoorms (Pleurotus Ostreatus)   Allergens and Suitability Products are free from allergens Suitable for vegetarians Suitable for vegans   Usage Tips Nutty … Continued

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Dried Shii Take Caps 40g
Dried Shii Take Mushroom Caps 40g

First choice dried wild Shii Take mushroom caps 40g   Lentinus Edodes are famous for their meaty texture and earthy flavour. Widely known as Shii Take, these mushrooms have a concentrated flavour when dried which adds a burst of umami … Continued

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