Storage and Preparation

To enjoy truffles at their very best, we recommend that they should be consumed within 1 week of being unearthed from the shaded roots of the oak, poplar, and hazel trees from where they grew.

Speed is of the essence and the best fresh truffle companies will ship on the same day the truffles are found, kept cool in transit by dry ice in a white Styrofoam cooler box.

How to Wash and Prepare Fresh Truffles

All our truffles are all delivered brushed, which means their skin and cavities are free from soil.  15 minutes before serving you will need to carefully rub a damp cloth over their edible skin, and afterward place them on a clean tea towel to bring them up to room temperature before serving.

Storing Fresh Truffles at Home

On your truffles arrival, gently wrap them in absorbent kitchen paper (or a paper napkin), taking care to not remove the traces of soil on the skin of the tuber before wrapping.  This residual soil allows them to continue maturing, protecting its evolving aromas.

Store your truffles in a dry glass/plastic airtight jar/container in the least cold part of the fridge – truffles have a very strong aroma that quickly impregnates other foods, particularly dairy.

Change the absorbent paper that is wrapped around the truffles daily and ensure that the jar/container is kept dry.

During months when the outside temperature is cool (but not freezing), your storage container can be kept outside, making sure it is NOT left in direct sunlight.

Fresh truffles can be stored for about a week.