Our Truffles

Our wild Italian truffles mature slowly underground in oak, poplar and hazel groves, their scent unmistakable to the sensitive nose of our truffle hunters’ dogs who find them.

Although truffles don’t look impressive – their name in Latin means lump – their powerful aroma has attracted gourmets throughout the centuries. Whether you chose our black or white truffles, expect a symphony fragrance that communicates itself to almost anything and is not quite like anything else in the world.


Fresh White Winter Truffles

Tuber Magnatum Pico, available 1 October -31 December



Fresh White Winter Truffles are the king of fungi and the most expensive food in the world. Nicknamed nature’s diamonds, white winter truffles are intoxicatingly all perfume rather than taste with an intense floral garlic aroma compared to the muskier black truffle varieties.

White winter truffles have a smooth skin that can be white to pinky-red or green whilst inside hues of hazelnut with white capillaries. Their perfume diminishes on heat so they must never be cooked and our cooking tip is to always allow your pasta to slightly cool before you shave your white truffle onto it.






Fresh Black Autumn Truffles

Tuber Uncinatum, available 1 October -31 December

Uncinatum - m


Fresh Black Autumn Truffles have a delicate aroma with a flavour reminiscent of hazelnuts and underwood with a hint of sweet vanilla and chocolate that is richer, more complex than Black Summer Truffles.

They have a bumpy diamond textured skin that can be all shades of brown. Inside expect hues of cream to caffè latte and white capillaries. We love adding a liberal sprinkling of Black Autumn Truffles to autumnal soups for extra theatre to a commonplace dish.






Fresh Black Winter Truffles

Tuber Melanosporum, available 15 November – 15 March



Fresh Black Winter Truffles are beloved by chefs worldwide and are also known as Perigord or black diamonds. They are pungent with a long-lasting fruit meets musky aroma and a chocolate earthy flavour.

Black Winter Truffles have a rough diamond shaped warty black rind, sometimes with rusty patches and a robust black or dark grey inner streaked with white capillaries. They make one of our favourite suppers, served simply with scrambled egg.






Fresh White Spring Truffles

Tuber Albidum/Borchii Vitt, available 15 January – 15 April

White truffle

Fresh White Spring Truffles have a mild aroma similar to the more expensive White Winter Truffles, but they are generally smaller with a garlic aroma and earthier taste.

Bianchetto has a smooth skin which is light to reddish brown with dark brown patches at maturity like small knobbly potatoes with a dark brown interior and white capillaries. In Italy, White Spring Truffles are often called Marzullo due to them being hunted in March and are best served with the season’s lighter creamier dishes that allow you to appreciate their fresh aroma.


Fresh Black Summer Truffles

Tuber Aestivum Vitt, available 1 May – 31 August

Black Summer Truffles 3a


Fresh Black Summer Truffles are famous for their delicacy, larger availability – and therefore lower price.

Black Summer Truffles look like a black winter truffle but their bumpy warts are larger, their flesh hazelnut coloured and veined with white capillaries. The aroma is delicate, sweeter and less musky than that of black winter truffles, which makes this the perfect truffle for those looking to experiment as a foodie treat or as a special gift.