Prices and Grading

Italian fresh truffle prices are fixed locally on a weekly basis. Each truffle will be graded first or second choice according to their variety, their weight, hue, perfume, and age, strictly following the UN’s Grading Guidelines for European Truffles.

Once a truffle is uncovered our truffle hunters recognise through its perfume if it is has reached its moment of ripeness. They rebury those which are not quite mature enough, gently brushing away the soil on those which are ready for the market. Our truffle partners hurry into town so that the truffle can be classed and priced ensuring that we can ship immediately on the same day to preserve freshness upon arrival.

Weekly prices vary according to supply. Bumper harvest conditions entail damp periods followed by plenty of warm sunshine that is not too hot so that the truffles dry out. It is a delicate balance between the elements that make everything happen; although truffles like rain (it’s their water molecules that transport their heady scent to your nose), too much, and they will become mouldy.

Whilst in season we will display each truffle’s grading/choice combination’s prices that we have agreed with hunters. Prices will be updated every Monday and will apply to all the truffles shipped during that same week.